Personalized Healthcare

We know everyone is different. As such, we tailor our healthcare services to your specific needs, providing the best care and solutions for your ongoing medical requirements.

Unhurried Appointments, Always On Time

The doctor is in! We seek to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules by keeping appointments on time, allowing you to spend more time with your health practitioner and less time in the waiting room.

Your Healthcare Team

From Physiotherapists, to Chiropractors, Family Doctors, and everything in between, our team-based care system means an unparalleled level of collaborative healthcare.

Welcome to Pandosy Village Medical Clinic

Situated in the beautiful Sopa Square complex in Kelowna, BC, Pandosy Village Medical aims to provide a higher quality of medical service to its clientele. Through our core services, combined with a team-based care system, we offer a complete healthcare service, unrestricted, on-time, when you need it.

Executive Medical Physical

Trained to be thorough in examinations, we can help you feel confident in your health.

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Snowbird Membership

Comfortable, unhurried, medical services in a spa-like environment.

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Concierge Membership

A full-service inclusive health optimization plan including early screening, detection, prevention, and planning to be your healthiest possible self.

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Please call our office or email us to arrange your appointment with the front office staff!

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“Please note that Pandosy Village Medical is not a walk-in clinic.”